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Interested in having your players register online? You've come to the right place! If you are unfamiliar with Online Player Registration, please feel free to call Babe Ruth Headquarters at 800-880-3142 and one of our Help Desk Representatives will be happy to walk you through the easy process of setting up Online Player Registration for your league. You can also click here for information on the benefits, or click here for instuctions on setting your system up.

You can get your Roster Upload Spreadsheets here! Just make sure that you do not remove or re-order ANY of the columns, and that you fill in the information for any columns with bolded column headings, as they are required. Don't forget to check out our online Help Desk for downloadable help files and answers to frequently asked questions!

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Babe Ruth Online offers a series of tools to help you manage your league operations. From Website design to Roster management, Babe Ruth Online is set up to help you with many of you league needs. Babe Ruth League is committed to the success of your organization and the growth of Babe Ruth Online.

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We've been listening! Babe Ruth Online will be making some changes to the Roster and ID Card systems for 2012, incorporating items requested by you! If you have any suggestions or concerns about while using your league's Babe Ruth Online site, please feel free to email us.


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