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Facebook page dedicated to Long Beach Youth Baseball
Twitter page dedicated to Long Beach Youth Baseball
Mississippi Babe Ruth
Mississippi Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Website
Southwest Babe Ruth Basbeall
Our goal is to be able to improve the communication throughout the Southwest Region and provide new resources that have not been previously available. We will be able to offer links to other helpful sites throughout the Southwest Region as well as to Babe Ruth League, Inc. A Southwest Region Cal Ripken Facebook site will bring you current information throughout the year, especially for Regional and World Series play in July and August. We hope that all of our baseball and softball fans around the Southwest Region will benefit from our new and improved Web site as we strive to offer the very best experience possible for our players and volunteers. Joe Featherston, Southwest Regional Commissioner
National Babe Ruth League
Babe Ruth League, Inc., a non-profit, educational organization, named after one of the greatest baseball players of all time – George Herman “Babe” Ruth – has come a long way since its modest start over 60 years ago.

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